Customer Relationship Management

Achieve More

BeControllable CRM is the ultimate all-in-one platform for managing your sales process, opportunities, contacts, customer complaints, teamwork and scheduled tasks - all in one place.

Manage Sales Process

BeControllable CRM is an intuitive software that makes it easy to manage your entire sales process from start to finish. Easily track opportunities, contacts and customer complaints in one place.

Manage Opportunities

BeControllable CRM makes it easy to track and manage every opportunity from initial contact to close with ease. Visualize your progress with customized reports and analytics.

Manage Customers Complaints

BeControllable CRM allows easily track of customer complaints so you can take prompt action to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Schedule Tasks Efficiently

With BeControllable CRM scheduling feature, you can easily plan and assign tasks to team members quickly and efficiently. Track progress on each task in real time with our comprehensive dashboard.

Get Actionable Insights

Unlock powerful insights into your business with our comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. Get a bird's eye view of your business’s performance with detailed charts and graphs.